Karen Muller-Elite & Positive Mindset/Performance Coach

specialising with dancers

Client's recent Testimonials

"She has enormous respect for you. You have pushed her hard to achieve your high expectations and, therefore, she has improved as a dancer and performer. Furthermore, you have taken the time to understand her personality and showed great sensitivity when grief overwhelmed her; as parents John and I will always be thankful that you ‘danced’ into our lives at that point in time. Something else that she has repeatedly mentioned is your ability to demonstrate - she is a visual learner – technique and choreography." 

Jacquie and John Boumford, talking of their daughter Gabby, experience with Karen Muller. 

"I am grateful for Miss Karen's guidance and coaching both as a teacher and friend.  I appreciate all that she has done for me in helping to shape me both physically and emotionally.  I feel privileged to know such a person who has influenced me in a way that Miss Karen has.  I wouldn't be the person/dancer I am today without her" 

- dancer; Alexys Minns


" it is without doubt that my daughter would not be the dancer she is today without the coaching/mentoring from Karen Muller.  Karen has provided my daughter inspiration and given her strategies  that she will cherish forever.  Karen has opened Alexys mind allowing her to believe in herself, her abilities and most of all that she can achieve great things.  Thank you Karen for your gentle guidance, you have made Alexys a very confident person, you have installed a very healthy message, if you set your mind to it, work hard, practice often and most of all believe in yourself, it will happen.  Karen, you have been patient, supportive and always been there to assist myself and Alexys when needed.  Thank you for your vision and hard work, we feel very blessed.

- Mother; Kim Minns


"The reason we hired you was because of your extensive experience in dance and you brought something different to Mackay. On parent day when I went to watch what you were teaching the kids, I was blown away with what they were learning. With her privates, I like how you treat the kids as individuals and push them to achieve their fullest. I like how you perfect every detail of their routines, through their technique and expression. We got everything I expected from your lessons, a great routine and her footwork and technique showed through when she danced it. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Your attention to detail is flawless."

Sharlene Medhurst talking of her daughter, young dancer Kiara, about their experience with Karen Muller.


- Mother: Sharlene Medhurst