Karen Muller-Elite & Positive Mindset/Performance Coach

specialising with dancers

I hope you don’t mind me being up front and candid, as you have taken the time to visit this "TEACHERS" page, I understand you to be then the kind of person, if I’m not mistaken, who likes to be organised, is achievement orientated and who likes to have their students focused and in condition with an Elite Mindset to match.  Now that’s the reason why it would feel great to be working along side you.  I feel like we are on the same wave length through what we do, and I thank you for your interest in your students.  I take you to be a studio owner/director who's students admire your leadership and expertise, and this is why I want to offer you my exclusive Elite Mindset coaching services for your students to excel in and travel to even more elusive heights with their development as a dancer.

I offer online services and programs for your students to cover and excel in. (visit the "Services" page).

Tell me do you want your students; to deeper understand the process in their training so as to gain more results quickly?

Do you want your students to be able to think like an Elite dancer?

Do you want them having the correct mindset for stage performances and high level competitions?

I am making this exclusive offer for your students to access at your discretion and guidance.  As you know we live in an increasingly demanding industry and keeping up to date is essential.  Athletes having been using mind tools to excel to higher levels in their training with the concept of a 'team' of people to help gain goals they never thought they would achieve. 

It’s now time for our dancers to do the same.

Find out more by looking through www.karenmuller.vpweb.com.au

I am looking forward to talking with you. (MB: 0410 508 176) E: [email protected]

Have a lovely day.

Kind regards,

Karen Muller