Karen Muller-Elite & Positive Mindset/Performance Coach

specialising with dancers

Your investment in our services, is a lifetime of value.


On Line or In studio

Karen Muller Elite Mindset Coach offers specialised coaching for dancers and athletes to gain an edge with their work/training that separates them from the rest taking them towards a professional level. There are limited places in our programs we run for young people who are

  • Achievement orientated
  • Have a desire to open their minds to more     possibilities
  • Have a strong work ethic mixed with talent
  • Have a desire to apply what they learn
Does your child have these qualities and desires?

As a specialist in her field, Karen will nurture your young dancer/athlete, giving them unique tools while developing physically and emotionally into a well rounded, informed, educated dancer/athlete with confidence in their chosen pathway of success.
These programs are designed to add to and enhance the training they are already do with their regular dance schools or trainers,  and not to replace it.   email: [email protected] for detailed information.  youtube.com/klmclassicalcoaching

"Alexys has enjoyed working with you not only privately but in the studio as a group and at QCYB rehearsals. I believe Alexys has improved technically and also as a performer as her eisteddfod and exam results show. I am extremely happy with the private lessons that Alexys has had with you and the solo’s that you have choreographed for her. Alexys is a very determined young girl who has a strong passion for dance. Alexys works really hard at home as well as following up corrections and also works really hard in her strengthening. We hope to be able to continue working privately with you next year."  Kim Minns talking of her daughter, Alexys's experience with Karen Muller.

"Wouldn't it feel wonderful to even just see your Daughter or Son just simply gain more confidence, along with life skills that will always be with them for the rest of their lives. Very precious stuff!" Karen Muller 


  • 6 month STAR program
  • 3 month WINNERS program
  • STARS skype student program
  • WINNERS skype student program
  • ELITE MINDSET Packages
  • Mentor/Counselling and Coaching sessions available


NB: This is a condensed plan and only shows the tools and at what time they will be integrated throughout the program. It doesn’t indicate the depth of each of the tools and the minimal time required to work on and use them as well as their “Coaching &/or Strength and Conditioning Program.”

@reserve www.karenmuller.vpweb.com.au



YOUTH BALLET Co. Now known as,


Limited places are offered each year to young dancers 11yrs and over who identify themselves as having a strong mental and emotional attitude with a strong work ethic and talent to experience the workings of company life in preparation for a career in the performing arts. Auditions and Performances are annually  - www.facebook.com/innatedancecompany/