Karen Muller-Elite & Positive Mindset/Performance Coach

specialising with dancers


What is MINDSET? It is "a lens or frame of mind which orients an individual to a particular set of associations and expectations" quote by Dr. Alia Crum

What does Karen do? Think of a seed that you want to grow into a mature plant.  Now think.....what environment and care does this seed need to grow? Environment and care is our growth mindset tools and non-judgmental support. Now relate this concept or metaphor to a child, a dancer say.  That's what Karen does. Karen finds out what a student requires to personally and psychologically grow and mature into a healthy and successfully functioning dancer.

"One amazing result over time has been seeing the development of not only dancers and athletes, but also non dancers using the program to gain confidence and results with their normal day to day life!" Karen Muller. 

TESTIMONIAL: "The reason we hired you was because of your extensive experience in dance and you brought something different to Mackay. On parent day when I went to watch what you were teaching the kids, I was blown away with what they were learning. With her privates, I like how you treat the kids as individuals and push them to achieve their fullest. I like how you perfect every detail of their routines, through their technique and expression. We got everything I expected from your lessons, a great routine and her footwork and technique showed through when she danced it. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Your attention to detail is flawless."

Sharlene Medhurst talking of her daughter, young dancer Kiara, about their experience with Karen Muller.

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Personal one on one sessions, On line or In studio, are available with Elite & Positive Mindset Coach Karen Muller to help your child achieve their goals.  The investment you make in your child now, will continue to benefit them throughout their lives.  A lifetime of value.

With years of experience and a burning desire to offer our clients quality and professional service, Karen Muller Elite & Positive Mindset Coach will take your child to their maximum level of achievement.  Programs are designed to add to, and enhance, the dance training students are already receiving, and not to replace it.  

Specializing with dancers from 12 years of age.

We offer both in-studio, on-line services and a take home growth mindset tool kit for life:

  • Tools and strategies to develop an elite mindset for an achiever
  • Personal coaching sessions to hone in on unique qualities
  • Customized program for your talented dancer to follow, and empower  themselves to achieve their best
  • Create a goal orientated dancer
  • Provide a strong understanding of their dance technique
  • Develop performance techniques, and strategies on coping with high standard competitions.

We understand that each client has different needs - that's why we're more than willing to tailor to your unique requests. If you are searching for a specialized program to help your dancer to excel, just ask! We'll be more than happy to help.



  • Bachelor of Counselling (Aust. Institute of Professional Counsellors).
  • Most recently working at “Whitsunday Counselling and Support Inc.” (07 4946 2999/before re-locating to Sunshine Coast).
  • Certificate: Positive Psychology Masterclass; “Cutting Edge Parenting (theories and applications).
  • Certificate of Attendance: Mental Health Summit 2017 (24 hours of current knowledge).
  • Certificate of Attendance: Complex Trauma & Attachment in children (Trent Savill)
  • Statement of Academic Record from Aust. Institute of Professional Counsellors.
  • Blue Card holder: No. 512803/4 Exp: 19/2/21
  • Yellow Card Holder: No. 25233-1/ Exp: 19/2/21
  • Australian Counselling Association member: 11322, level provisional

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